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3 factors for choosing an ideal club coffee table

Today people are busier than ever.

We work all day while our children spend most of their days in kindergarten or school and that is a reflection of the modern way of life. We don’t have a lot of free time and we want to spend it in the best way possible. In most cases, free time means spending time with family and closest friends. It usually involves a meal. Food or a beverage, possibly coffee.

That’s why a club coffee table is the centre of every home. Not only do we drink coffee at the table, many important things happen there, too: planning and decision making, conversations about our day, playing board games or tasting new food.

The importance of a coffee table in the living room is the reason why you should dedicate your time to carefully choose the right one. We present three factors to help you choose „Mr. Perfect“.

Functionality first

We advocate functionality. Your coffee table should be aesthetically impressive, but when choosing a coffee table put an accent on functionality. We want to warn you about the most common mistake when choosing a coffee table – choosing a table that is too big.

We advise that you first choose a nice sofa or a corner sofa set and then measure the space left for a club coffee table. Pay attention to the height of the club table as well! Choose the one that is at the same level or lower than the sofa, but never one that is higher than the sofa! If you’re not sure which size or height of the table to choose, you should ask experts.


When speaking of functionality, choosing the right material is also important. Considering that a coffee table is used often, it should be made of resistant material. Tempered glass and stone are, therefore, not the most convenient materials for the club table top. However, by choosing solid wood in the colour you like is definitely the right choice.

Warm and timeless wood makes for a simple and elegant style which fits nicely into different interior designs. From industrial to minimalistic or classic, a solid wood club table will fit into any ambience.


You probably don’t need an expert to tell you that a wooden coffee table never goes out of style. However, an interior design expert will help you choose a modern table which is a combination of different materials. Today, preferably, the legs of the table should differ from the table top in either material or colour.

A metal colour is very trendy at the moment, especially matte. Our suggestion is bronze colour which is great in combination with any material. There are also very practical and visually attractive concrete decorations, which make for a great contrast in composition with classic solid wood.


Our advice is to choose a good quality club coffee table because it is going to be in use every day by many household members. Express your creativity by choosing chairs or good quality corner sofa set.

For more information or help with choosing a club coffee table, contact us using our contact form.

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