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“Round Masiv” table

kn 2,900

“Round Masiv” round table is a massive table of rustic design.

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“Round Masiv” round table is a massive table of rustic design.

The top of this wooden table is made of high quality common oak wood. Its board is 70 centimetres in diameter and 4 centimetres thick. Beneath the top is a lower wooden board 50 centimetres in diameter and 2,5 centimetres thick. The table is 45 centimetres high.

The legs of the table are made out of firm and lasting 6 centimetres wide flat iron bars which ensure perfect stability. You can choose the colour of the legs of this massive table between matte black and white, depending on which you prefer and which best complements your interior.

Use: The “Round Masiv” table fits perfectly into rustic interiors, modern industrial design and classic interior design. The great stability of the table and the high quality materials of which the table is constructed make it suitable for living rooms, but also for boutique cafés.

Board sizes: the top board ⌀ 70×4 cm, the lower board ⌀ 50×2,5 cm

Leg thickness: 6 cm

Table height: 45 cm

Leg colours: matte black, white

Materials: common oak, flat iron bars

Additional information
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 70 × 45 cm