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Why get a custom made club coffee table?

We live in a consumerist society where it is absolutely normal to have 52 new collections in one year. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. 52!

In other words, retailers do not put a lot of ambition into making a durable piece of furniture, or clothes if you will, since this phenomenon can be applied to sales in all industries. And it is difficult for us to admit that we actually live in a time when throwing away things that are almost new is trendy, because of a new style that came out in a popular magazine.

Why would you even get a piece of furniture custom made for your needs, when consumerism is more influential than ever? We’ve got the answers in our sleeve and will be write about them in order to try to stop this crazy trend.

A club coffee table is like the little black dress

Little black dress created by Coco Chanel quickly became the most popular dress in the world. When it was first presented to the public, the prominent fashion magazine Vogue wrote about it becoming a uniform of sorts for all women. And they were not wrong! The little black dress became globally popular because it fits in with absolutely everything – all styles, all pockets and all ages.

Custom made club coffee table is a piece of furniture made with the use for every occasion and quality in mind. That is why our coffee tables are made of high quality solid wood, while its legs are made of stainless steel or metal. This club coffee table is our little black dress, it fits in with any interior, any company and any pocket.

Quality never goes out of fashion

Now that we have already started talking about who can afford a custom made coffee table, we will remind you of an old saying – I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things.

Coffee tables available today in furniture stores are almost always made of low quality chipboard, with a cardboard on top imitating the look of solid wood.

When in longer contact with water, chipboard expands, hence the structure and look of the table get permanently damaged. Moreover, because of its low quality, a chipboard table is easily scratched and is in no way convenient for frequent use and moving from one part of the room to another, because it can become unstable.

What does that mean for you? It means that you will frequently have to buy a new coffee table. Expensive, don’t you think?

We therefore advise you to buy one good quality coffee table, just like that little black dress that you can wear at any time and in any occasion. This proper coffee table has got all the boxes checked when it comes to longevity: solid wood, metal or stainless steel legs, cosy design that fits into any interior and 100% quality warranty.

Check out our web shop and find out for yourself.

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